2017. április 25., kedd

A tour of the house, II.

While I was waiting impatiently for the toddler update, I did some changes around the legacy house to keep myself busy. Although I made a plan on the progression of the different areas, like creating a high quality garden with the second generation and upgrading the kitchen appliances in the third, I just couldn't keep away from them any longer. Later I played around with the grungy wall decor options, and I really like the outcome. I think it really fits the theme of an old, multi-generational building where the residents barely make enough money to sustain their growing family.

The legacy house from the outside.
A corner in the master bedroom
(Now the walk-in closet is unaccessible, but I don't mind...
Abby and Keon already had their fun with it.) :)
Fireplace with accent wall in the master bedroom.
The new bed.
Fireplace with accent wall in the dining room. 
Writing corner.
Kids' creative corner.
Living room.
Clutter on the hallway table.
Clutter on the kitchen counter.
Clutter on the kitchen island.
More kitchen clutter (unfortunately I had to remove the toasts
because they started to stink and my sims kept complaining). XD
Grungy details in the living room.
More grunge.
Even more grunge,
Gardening supplies.
A nice corner in the garden.

And, last but not least, something I'm very proud of: the skylight in the roof! I have never done anything like this before, because I'm a lazy and crappy builder, but I found this amazing tutorial and just had to give it a try. :D

Sorry for the distorted view, it's just to give you an idea of the placement and proportions. :)

Of course I had to "decorate" this part too with cracks and cobwebs,
since I imagine nobody would climb up there regularly
to fix and clean those upper walls. :)

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