All the Merry Generations

Generation 1.:

Abby Merry (founder)
Current age: young adult

Traits: Creative, Loves Outdoors, Family-Oriented, Incredibly Friendly, Hardly Hungry, Beloved, Expressionistic, Never Weary, Natural Leader, Creative Visionary, Frugal, Observant, Always Welcome, Gregarious, Alluring, Muser

Aspiration(s): Painter Extraordinaire, Leader of the Pack, Friend of the World, Soulmate (not yet completed)

Job(s): Master of the Real (Painter level 10)
Keon Delaney (co-founder)
Current age: young adult

Traits: Hot-Headed, Foodie, Creative, Creative Visionary, Great Storyteller, Spice Hound, Poetic, Entrepreneurial, Muser, Alluring
Aspiration(s): Bestselling Author, 
Soulmate (not yet completed)

Job(s): Short Story Writer (Writer/Author level 6)

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