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The nanny

One day Abby and Keon both had to leave home for work, and it was time to leave Bayne in the care of a hired nanny. Abby left first, so Keon still had some time to prepare Bayne for her first day without any of her parents.

Bayne: "Mummy, don't go..."
Abby: "Ssh, it'll be alright, Sweetie."
Keon: "Let's start the day with some potty training."
Bayne: "I miss Mummy." :(
Keon: "Come on, I'll show you something fun while the nanny gets here."

Keon: "This is a toothbrush."
"This is what you'll use to take care of your beautiful gap teeth."

Then Keon left for work, too. In the evening, Abby came home first. She found Bayne with an elderly lady in a flirty mood (!).

Abby: "Seriously? Did Keon actually approve of this?"
Abby: "I don't trust her."
Abby: "Did you have a good day, sweetie?"
Bayne: "Yes, Mommy! Nanny Nair made me yummy lunch
and we played and read picture books together."
Abby: "I'm so glad to hear that! Come here, I've missed you so much!"
Abby: "Nope. Still don't trust her."

Abby: "But Bayne seems happy."

Seriously?? Lol :D
Abby: "So... Tell me about yourself. Are you even qualified to do this?"
Nanny: "Oh yes, I'm a professional nanny now.
But I used to be a revue dancer. You wouldn't believe all the fun I've had!"
Abby: "Uh-huh. Okay. Time to put Bayne to bed now."
The nanny stayed a little longer so that Abby could finish
the painting she was currently working on. She gave Bayne a bath...

...meanwhile abby was working in her corner...
...Then, she went into Bayne's room to find the nanny sitting on her bed,
telling her some saucy story from her glory days.

Abby: "Okay, that's enough now. Your services are no longer needed here. Bye!"
Bayne: "But what did the gentleman say after he peeked under your skirt?"
Nanny: "I'll tell you the next time."
Abby: "Not sure there will be a next time, though. Now scram."
Abby: "Here, let me read you a proper bedtime story."
Abby: "Night night, Sweetie."

Later, when Keon got home, they sat together in Bayne's room.

Abby: "You should do a background check the next time you hire someone
to take care of our daughter. I'm not letting that wench go near her again."
Keon: "But I tought Bayne liked her. You said she looked happy."
Keon: "Come on, admit it. It was a little funny."
Abby: Okay. It was a little funny."
Keon: *yawn* "This was a long day."
Abby: "Real smooth, buddy."
Keon: "You know, I think it would be nice to call the nanny again someday.
That way we could maybe get some alone time..."
Abby: "To do what, exactly?"
Keon: "Adult stuff, mostly. I'm sure we could come up with something."
Abby: "Oh, I have an idea right now.
Keon: "I already love it."
Abby: "Do you now, you naughty man? Then get ready for..."
Keon: "Stop! You're killing me-hee-hee!"
Keon: "I'm serious. Let's go on a date. We both need to work on our Soulmate aspirations anyway."
Keon: "Also, I think it's time we started working on Project Little Sister or Brother, too."

Later that night...

Abby: "Are we really ready for another baby?"
Keon: "I believe we are, my love"

Ouch, that looked painful :S :D


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