2017. május 30., kedd

Toddling around

Kids grow up so fast, it's like they're born one day and the next thing you know they're off to college... Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But little Bayne is a toddler now! She got the Angelic toddler trait. (The random trait generator on the official legacy challenge website didn't work for me so I just used random.org to pick a number from 1 to 8. The result was 1, so putting the 8 toddler traits in alphabetical order, I got Angelic.)

"Come out here, little one... the world awaits!"
This is what Bayne looked like when she turned into a toddler.

"Um... Mommy?"
Abby: "What's wrong, Sweetie? Look, I made you a bunny to cheer you up."
Bayne: "I look like a little boy!"
"Much better." :)
"Daddy! Look how pretty I am!"
Keon: *so proud* :)
Some random pics about toddler Bayne:

Learning to climb stairs

Peanut butter - baby hand - jelly sandwich :)

An outdoorsy girl, just like her mother - she loves to sit outside for a snack :)

Lol, sorry about that :D

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