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Due date

With Bayne, Abby couldn't wait to do a pregnancy test and find out if she was really expecting. This time around, she didn't want to urge things. She tried to spend as much time as possible with Bayne, because she knew that once the new baby is born, she would have less time to play with her and teach her.

They played together a lot:

Abby helped Bayne to learn how to use the potty chair:

Abby: "These walls could use some cheerful decals to motivate you."

Abby: "There. Using the potty just got a whole lot more fun, didn't it?"

She even tried to cooke some meals for Bayne:

"Uh-oh, is this supposed to be flaming like that?"

"Keon, help!"

Keon: "Better leave that to me, Honey, before you set the house on fire."

Then, one day, she realized she couldn't hide her growing belly from her family anymore. it was time to share the big news with them.

I hope Bayne will be happy and Keon won't freak out, either.
Abby: "Although we've talked about this, I know it's pretty soon..."

"But here's the thing... I'm pregnant again!"

"We're going to have another baby."

Keon: "That's wonderful!"
Keon: "You hear that, Sweetie? You're gonna be a big sister!"

Abby was aware that getting away on a date with Keon would not be possible for a while once the baby was born.

Do I really have to hire that awful nanny again?
Abby: "Are you sure this is a good idea?"
Nanny Nair: "Don't worry, we'll be fine. Go have fun!"

Nanny: "By the way, have I already told you
about that one time in Paris, when I was dancing in..."
Abby: "As much as I would love to hear that story,
there is no time for it now, sorry. We'd better get going!"

Abby was experiencing some back pains because of the pregnancy,
so they decided to go to the pool for a relaxing mindight swim.
Abby: "I'm so glad we made it here."
Keon: "Me too. Let's take a selfie!"

Abby: "Oh look, that picture of Bayne is so sweet! We have to post it on Simstagram!"

Keon: "Let's go in. You look amazing, by the way."

Abby: "I have an idea."
Abby: "Let's give those elderly ladies something to talk about."

Abby: "Oh crap. There's a kid in here."

Doesn't he have curfew??

Abby: "I'm outta here."

Abby: "Uhh, hi, buddy."
"Haha. I'm so sorry, Honey. Let's just get home, alright?"
Despite the failed attempt to skinny dip, the date was really romantic and fun, and ended with a gold medal earned. :)

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