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Meet the Founders: Abby Merry and Keon Delaney

Meet Abby Merry, our founder. She was a young, aspiring painter freshly out of Art School when she came to inherit the family land from her favorite, childless aunt. The inheritance came whith a fancy name hinting at nobility, ‘The Von-Windenburg Estate’, complete with a suit of armor that belonged to one of her ancestors; furthermore a beautiful vintage lace wedding dress that Auntie herself wore to her own wedding ages ago, and a handwritten letter to the Heir, telling her to find love, start a family and make sure the Estate flourishes and the family name survives for at least 10 generations.

Abby with her inheritance.

It took her a while to spot the lettter, but when she read it, her eyes teared up and she vowed to honor her Auntie’s last wishes. She was eager to leave the bustling city behind to find a quiet place where she could enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of the beautiful scenery to work on her landscape painting skills; also, to start her own family with her soulmate by her side. The Estate was on a small island just off the coast of the quaint historical town of Windenburg and it was surrounded by exciting ruins from a long lost era, giving the lot an artsy vibe. The quality of the natural light was just amazing, the sun seemed to caress the land with golden rays of sunshine all day long, making it the perfect place to gather inspiration, to establish her own art studio, and maybe one day have a home-grown vegetable patch. Abby couldn’t cook to save her life, so she was hoping to find someone to complement her lack of skill in the kitchen, and she was sure that a house built on the Estate would help quickly master the domestic arts with its homey vibes.

No matter how much work Abby still has ahead of her, there’s always time for some selfies!

Aaahhh, the fresh mountain air is so invigorating!

Not to mention the salty breezes from the sea, and the sound of the waves breaking on the rocky cliffs…

Abby spent the first few weeks exploring her new home, collecting and selling anything she found to make money, and regularly visiting museums and art galleries to improve her painting skill.

She loved going to the gallery but she felt so uncomfortable from sleeping and showering on community lots!

She got a job in the Painter career as a Palette Cleaner and was quickly moving up the career ladder thanks to her talent and her hard work. She aspired to be a Painter Extraordinaire and to reach the top of her career in the Master of the Real branch, and dedicated all of herself to reaching these goals. Being a Muser helped a lot, and her efforts were rewarded with the Expressionistic trait, so now she is able to transform all kinds of emotions into paintings regardless of her actual mood. She also acquired the Creative Visionary trait which allows her to paint Masterpieces quite often. (This led to a quick rise of the household funds, so she could finally start making a real home for herself.)

An early version of Abby's kitchen/dining/art studio.

She even created her own club, named ‘Picture Perfect’, for sims who are creative, or at least have an appreciation for art. She started conversations whith random people at different museums in order to get to know them and find out if they were intersted in joining her club. Soon she had a bunch of artist friends who shared her interest in creating beautiful paintings, murals and photographs. They spent a lot of time together, mostly painting and viewing art, mutually helping each other to improve their skills. As their club evolved into a famous artists’ workshop, the members gained the strongest possible ispiring vibe, and enjoyed a boost in painting, photograpy, and creativity in general during the club gatherings. Everyone loved Abby and some people admittedly only joind the club to be able to hang out with her. She then completed her aspiration to become Leader of the Pack and became a Natural Leader.

One of the guys from the club was especially smitten with Abby. His name was Keon Delaney, and – thanks to her Observant trait – Abby quickly found out that he was Creative, a Foodie, and a little Hot-headed. It was just the perfect combination to match Abby’s tranquil and kitchen illiterate personality. Unfortunately he had horrible taste in clothes, an ugly beard and an even uglier bald patch on his head despite being a young adult (no pictures, sorry :D). Nothing that couldn't be quickly remedied though, and what really mattered was that he liked to paint and to cook, and his heart’s deepest desire was to become a Bestselling Author. He had a passionate soul and he wasn’t afraid to show his emotions. Abby was soon head-over-heels in love with him and asked him to be his boyfriend and even to move in with her not long after they met. Thankfully her feelings were mirrored by the love in his eyes.

Abby and Keon (post makeover, pre plastic surgery) 

Some more photos of Abby and Keon:

Ahem... you're facing the wrong way, girl! lol
Abby Merry

Abby in work clothes

Keon Delaney, co-founder of the Merry Legacy (post plastic surgery - isn't he delicius? :D)

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