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Getting serious

Keon moved in with Abby not long after they first met and they both focused on completing their current aspirations (Friend of the World for Abby and Bestselling Author for Keon) and getting to know each other better. Then, when they were done with self-realization and started to focus on their romantic relationship more than ever, they realized that spending quality time together and making each other radiant with happiness and love is the most important thing in their lives at the moment. So now they are both working on the Soulmate aspiration.

The two lovebirds love sitting in their new hot tub, gazing endlessly into each other's eyes.
Keon loves to cook and bake, and one day he made these cute heart-shaped cookies for Abby.
So yummy! Oh, and the cookies look good, too ;)
I love how they can't take their eyes off of each other :)
Aaaww... Am I right? :)

Since Keon is a foodie, he was excited to take Abby out on dates to the fanciest restaurants. They would get dressed up in their finest clothes for the event, and Keon would endlessly enthuse about the meal, take food pics with his phone and try to discuss flavors and exchange recipes with anyone sitting within hearing distance. Then Abby would try and win his attention back with some flirting. (And then become sad from jelousy for a whole frickin' simday just because Keon, who had been in conversation with some random restaurant-goers, flirted right back at her while the other folks were still incuded in the conversation... Sooo frustrating! Could we have some private conversations, please?) Thankfully Keon seemed to be at least as committed to her as to his own palate, and didn't mind the distraction.

Abby usually doesn't have much of an appetite, but she appreciates the time spent together and tries to look excited to make Keon happy.
Keon is busy uploading pics about some experimental food to simstagram, while Abby is unimpressedly stuffing her face and wishing they could be somewhere else, doing something else entirely...
Keon: "Mmmhh, this nectar is making love to my mouth..."
Abby: "How 'bout I make love to your mouth?"
The teasing soon resulted in a very passionate kiss right there in the middle of the restaurant.
Then Keon gave Abby a beautiful red rose as a token of his love. Now that's more like it!

One day, however, outdoor-loving Abby suggested to go out into some more natural surroundings because she was fed up with being cooped up between four walls. She decided to take Keon out on a date to a National Park called the Lost Gardens of Healing. They tossed a coin into the fountain, then sat down on the brink to chat and make out. Abby was wearing heavy makeup for this date because I just tried out the new vanity table interactions with her and had no idea the makeup would stick for the whole day she wanted to impress Keon.

"See? This is so nice and relaxed... And the sweet scent of roses is really getting me in the mood..."

Then they decided to take a stroll around the garden and discover the secrets it hides. They found a wishing well in a secluded corner and decided to give it a try. Abby went first: she wished for happiness and more or less got what she wanted (she got a long lasting happy moodlet saying that she was telling herself that she was happy - then later on, sadness hit for a couple hours when the imagined happiness was gone). Keon, however, was even bolder and wished for a promotion - and that was when things started to go downlhill.

This is exciting! And a bit scary too...
Uh-oh, this doesn't look good!
Right after making his wish, his phone rang... It was work calling, telling him that he would be demoted if he didn't improve his poor work performance (he was just about to get promoted to level 7 before, mind you!)

Keon got really tense, and no matter how hard Abby tried to take his mind off his worries, he just couldn't wait to get back to work and improve his performance. Then all of a sudden he got FIRED without even getting a chance! He was devastated for the next 24 hours.

Abby even put soap into the fountain and invited Keon to play in the foam to try to cheer him up, but to little avail.
Poor Keon... Be careful what you wish for!

This date ended with only a bronze medal and Keon continued to mope around for the next day, so Abby decided to show him that life is still beautiful and worth living. She took him out on a date to a small and laid-back diner and in order to remind him of how they met (thanks to their shared creative traits and love of painting) she suggested that they draw on the placemat while waiting for their order.

Keon was still a little sad but he decided to humour her...
And sure enough, by the time they finished their meal, he was smiling again.
It was during this dinner date that the big realization hit Keon: he suddenly knew for sure that he wanted Abby to be his wife. (I was so happy when he got the whim to get married to Abby since Abby has had it for quite some time then and I was just waiting for this to happen to proceed with marrying them) :)

The drawings they made that day are being showcased in their hallway ever since to remind them that together and with the help of art they can overcome any hardships in life (and I'm sure drawing on placemats will be the start of a beautiful family tradition).

From then on, it was all just a matter of time. Keon was waiting for the perfect moment to propose to Abby, and that moment presented itself a few days later when they got word of a Romance Festival happening in San Myshuno. Abby was excited to try the fabled sakura tea together, and eager to ask the love guru about her romantic future. Little did she know that Keon already had everything planned out! He was amazingly affectionate and enticing to her all evening, reciting love poetry and giving her sensual backrubs and sweet kisses. Then all of a sudden he got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course she said yes without even thinking about it.

Some screenshots are worth more then a thousand words :)
And just like that, Abby and Keon got engaged!

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