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Abby was well into the second trimester when I realized 2 things:
1. Her clothes looked so darn uncomfortable, what with all those non-stretchy jeans and thick belts! (I know from personal experience - I haven't really been able to wear anything other than leggings during pregnancy and ever since :D)
2. She still hasn't shared the big news with Keon. Ooops. (I find it hilarious that even though her pregnancy is clearly visible now, this option still pops up amongst the friendly socials. Men can be so slow to catch on sometimes!) ;D

So I decided to expand her wardrobe with some maternity wear, and I planned some new outfits for Keon, too, just because I was tired of seeing them walk around in the same set(s) of clothes all the time.

Ouch! That belt must be really uncomfortable for all those little pixels getting bigger and bigger.
Much better! :D (Too bad the dress doesn't come with some nicer color options)
Abby: "Darling, notice anything new?"
Keon: "Umm... You got a new haircut?"
Abby: "No, Dum-Dum! I bought a new maternity dress. Oh, and I'm also pregnant!"
Keon: "Cool, so can you, like, lift this part up to breastf... wait, WHAT did you just say?"
Abby: "We're going to have a baby!"
Keon: "I think I just felt a kick!"
The pregnancy has been kind on her so far, she didn't even get morning sickness (lucky girl!), but her back does ache from time to time.
Fortunately Keon is always more than willing to give her a nice backrub.
Aaaww. <3

Abby spent the night before giving birth painting silly little things to decorate the nursery.

"I'll stop painting when pigs fly..."

The next morning Abby went into labor. Keon had a bit of a panic attack when they arrived at the hospital; Abby, however, remained super cool. Maybe having one of her best friends, Alexia as a doctor helped.
Keon: "I don't trust her. Can we go back now and have a home birth instead?"
Abby actually had the nerve to go to the computer and update her social media status while IN LABOR! Geez, parents these days... :P
While Keon was stress-eating some microwave pastry.
"Somebody HAAALP, I'm having a baby!"
Abby: "Okay, I'm officially scared now."
Alexia: "Don't worry, hun, I know what I'm doing."
Alexia: "It's your appendix, right?"
Abby: ...
Alexia: "Just kidding, doll. Relax, I'mma get that baby out safely"
Keon: "I'm freaking out! What am I supposed to do?"
Nurse guy: "How 'bout you go in there and actually support your wife?"
The baby is here!
"Hush, little one, it's okay. Mommy's got you."
It's a girl, and I named her Bayne after an adorable and perky little girl I have been babysitting some years ago, before having my own kids. She was the first toddler I had to take care of, so it seems fitting that my first toddler sim ever in the sims 4 will share the same name :) (May I just take a moment here to say: Toddlers! TODDLERS in the sims 4! I'm super excited to see them in my game! :D)

Welcome home, Bayne Merry! :)

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