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Abby and Keon's Big Day

The date of the wedding was quickly approaching and Abby was carefully planning all the details with the help of her friends. At first she contemplated elopement or maybe a small DIY wedding at home, but then she realized that their garden still hasn't been landscaped at all and thus would provide a pretty bleak setting for such an important celebration. When she told Keon about her worries, he reassured her that they did have enough money from his book royalties and her masterpiece paintings constantly being sold to famous art galleries to rent a beautiful venue and have a really prestigious wedding event. Abby knew that he was right, and that a Legacy Founder couple did deserve a grandiose wedding, after all. That, and her gorgeous vintage wedding dress also needed to be shown off in appropriate settings.

Her choice fell on Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. The house had everything they needed to get ready for the ceremony and to entertain guests...

...and as soon as Abby laid eyes on the illuminated garden path leading up to the wedding arch, she could see herself walk down there to meet Keon at the end and exchange 'I do's in the midst of all their friends. It was perfect!

The day before the wedding Abby went out with her friends for an unforgettable bachelorette party. They started their outing by getting pampered in the spa, then treated themselves to dinner in the Villa Bovine restaurant, and eventually ended up partying late into the night at the Discothèque Pan Europa nightclub. Not too late, though. Abby needed her beauty sleep.

At the Spa:

Keon made a short appereance at the spa, too, since the girls arranged a surprise for the soon-to-be married couple: a romantic and fertility-boosting couples' bath with fragrant rose petals and beautifying facial masks. Then he was off to his own bachelor party...
At the Restaurant:

"Let's drink to our amazing Legacy Founder! May her lineage be prosperous and long-lasting!"
"Mmmh, this coctail is actually really tasy!"
"Ohmigosh! I'm getting MARRIED tomorrow!"
At the Nightclub:

They all had a blast dancing and chatting...
... they even put together a hilarious group dance choreography!
These cute poses and facial expressions just crack me up :D
Lol :D
"Who has the coolest friends ever? Right! This girl."
When Abby got home well after midnight, Keon was waiting for her in his pjs and pulled her into a sweet embrace.

Abby: "Aaww, you waited up for me? I love you."
Keon: "I love you too. Now go wash off all that makeup and get some sleep or you're gonna look like crap tomorrow."
"Whaddya mean 'like crap'? Me? Never."

Then the day dawned on their Wedding Day.

While Abby was putting on her wedding dress and getting her hair and makeup done in one of the rooms upstairs, Keon was entertaining guests by the fireplace downstairs.

"She's been getting ready for 5 hours now!"
"While I only needed like 10 minutes and look how dapper I am!"
"Okay folks, I'm ready now. Let's get this started!"
"With this ring I officially pronounce you co-founder of my legacy and oblige you to create beautiful babies with me."
Abby: "Oh, and you're gonna have to take my last name. Our children, too."
Keon: "You're kidding, right?"
"Oh, well. Anything for you, Darling."
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Merry!
May your marriage be happy and fruitful ;)
There were fireworks, too... (not that Abby and Keon actually saw much of them) ;D
Sooo pretty!
... and of course: CAKE!
I'm loving these sultry looks that Keon keeps giving her... and Abby seems so blissfully unaware! :)
Okay, she has her fair share of intense looks, too. Get a room already! :D
Keon looks so happy feeding her.
"PLEASE tell me you liked it."
He just seems so genuinely happy. Gotta love this guy. :)
Long live the first Mr. and Mrs. Merry <3

Oh, and on to the technicalities: the wedding ended with a gold medal, and they got some kitchen appliances and some nice decor as wedding gifts.

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