2017. február 2., csütörtök

A tour of the house

Abby and Keon are a bit proccupied right now since it's their wedding night, so I'm gonna give them some privacy and show you around the Legacy House in the meantime. ;)

Front of the house - the second floor is still empty, hence the lack of windows and boring shape.
Side of the house with the foundations of a future garden.

Back of the house with a rudimentary pool. (It has windows on one side to let natural light into the basement - where the gym will be one day - and to give an opportunity to watch sims swimming from below, because I find that really funny) :)
Bird's eye view of the house. The separate box in the upper left corner is a non-accessible garage/shed thingy where the unused youth potions and other collections will be stored. The empty room in the upper middle part of the pic is the future nursery/toddler bedroom.
Front door and entrance area.
Stairs to the empty second floor.
Abby's painting studio with lots of ispiring decor; and the informal breakfast area.
Keon's writing corner.
View of the kitchen - very basic but with great potential ;)
Formal dining room - I plan to add a bar later on in the corner where the easel stands right now,
Another view of the dining room. I plan to host some legendary parties here, hence the playful painting dump (all masterpieces) to easily get the unsuspecting guests in a playful mood.
Living room.

Master bedroom with a door leading to a secluded little patio containing a hot tub; and an open entrance to the master bathroom.
Abby's vintage vanity table (with some photos of her as a bride to always remind her of the day when she felt like the most beautiful sim in the world) :)
A very naughty closet in the master bedroom (with some boudoir photos Abby had taken as a wedding gift to Keon) ;)
Master bathroom.
Master bathroom - wellness and relaxation at home.
And last but not least, a teeny-tiny separate toilet. (There is also another bathroom but it's quite unimpressive as of now so I didn't take any photos.)

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