2017. február 3., péntek

Just Married

This is how Keon came out of the shower on their wedding night:

"Hi there, Wifey." (Don't worry, he's still got his left arm, too, it's just the censor blur messing with our heads)
At first, Abby was like:

"OH MY...!" (Not that she hasn't seen it all before, so I kinda lol'd at her reaction) :D
And then like:

"Hi there yourself, Hubby. Is that all for me?"

"So... You wanna try for baby?"
Things progressed quite quicky from then on:

Love the way Abby is checking him out :D
Yep, that's right. Keon's nudity is so perplexing it had to be blurred out even under the covers.

The next morning as Abby was getting ready for work, she decided to take a pregnancy test.

Fingers crossed, she's almost an adult now so it's time to produce an heir already.
It was positive! :)

She seems happy and terrified at the same time :D

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