2017. február 3., péntek

Making memories

Keon, a freshly married man and a father-to-be, decided that going back to work was the responsible thing to do. Abby tried to convince him to try the Painter career and choose the Patron of the Arts branch because she had her eyes on the Pre-Owned Painter's Easel that that would come as a career reward when reaching level 8 she thought that getting back into a job where he is clearly not wanted is rather beneath his dignity. Keon, however, being stubborn and hot headed as he is, insisted on re-taking the Writer career path to become an Author at Walrus Books - no matter how many times Abby told him that he already was one, a great and popular one, too, and that he didn't need a title from such a lousy publishing company. So he just stormed off, not wanting to hurt his benevolent wife in his angry outburst and called the company to ask them to take him back. He did, however, make a silent promise that once he reached the top of the career ladder and was the most celebrated star and the most valuable employee at Walrus Books, he would quit his job just to spite them. Then he might give thought to Abby's suggestion.

Later that day, Keon got Very Inspired and since all he coud think about was Abby, he felt like it was time to write a book about her. With a baby on the way, he figured it would be fitting to have her memorialized by a biography, so that when the kid(s) grow up, they will have the opportunity to read about how awsome their Mommy was and how much she had already accomplished by the time she brought them into the world.

Notice the red moodlet? That's his hot-headed trait causing him to feel angry, wich happens quite often but is barely noticeable bcause he is always very inspired, very playful or very flirty, depending on which part of the house he is currently in. I might have to dial it down a notch with all the emotional decor to make things a little more interesting. :P

Keon typing away on the computer he got as a career reward, writing the book titled 'Abby Merry: The Legacy of a Painter Extraordinaire'

Abby felt flattered and really liked the idea of memorializing each other for the generations to come. She would have to leave a Legacy, after all! She chose painting, and created a sweet portrait typical of Keon ever since they received a coffee machine as a wedding gift.

Keon poses obediently while Abby's creative sparks fly.

The guy really loves his coffee. This was like his fourth cup that day. Maybe I should consider buying them a better bed?
"This picture is so realistic I just want to... touch... his... lips..."

Get back to work, girl!
The finished Masterpiece (of course :D) next to some coffee-themed decor.

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